02 Oct Joe Solmonese is a Fighter. Just ask President Obama.

Joe Solmonese is a fighter. Just ask President Obama. Under Joe Solmonese's leadership, the Human Rights Campaign (the largest LGBT civil rights organization in the United States) became the model other organizations look toward to create effective social and political change. By using the anger raging from the social injustices he...

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03 Sep Jordan Bower – Story Telling, Relationships and Walking To Mexico

Jordan Bower is a strategic storyteller and corporate intimacy expert. In his role he helps companies build a clear, human and emotionally powerful story that purposefully and strategically connects, motivates and inspires. In this week's episode of the ManTalks podcast we tap into Jordan's expertise to help you deepen your relationships...

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01 Sep Man Of The Week – David Veshkini

David Veshkini may be shy, but boy is he a man who is dedicated to his community! He works for vsttawa Victim Services & in partnership with the Victim Crisis Unit at the Ottawa Police Services. Where he supports crime victims in particular females impacted by gender-based violence. His passion for...

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