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24 Apr Jaret Grossman – Growth Hack Your Mind & Body

[smart_track_player url="" title="114 Jaret Grossman - Growth Hack Your Mind & Body" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" hashtag="podcast" twitter_username="mantalks" ] Get ready because this is heavy-hitting episode! Jaret Grossman has an incredible background he is the co-founder of Muscle Prodigy, founder of Jarbly and is a serial entrepreneur who has transformed thousands of lives...

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17 Apr Patrick Solomon – The Hero’s Journey

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Patrick Solomon is an award winning commercial director with over 20 years behind the camera. He started his career in the early 90’s by shooting his favorite activity: extreme sports. He quickly compiled a long list of action sports titles including surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross films. In 1996 he graduated to commercials where he continues to thrive.

His first venture into feature length films produced the award winning, Finding Joe, currently in release. The film explores the concept of the heroes journey, a pattern that is found in every story from every culture and includes all novels and movies. It explains that all humans are actually taking the same journey and once that’s understood, we become the heroes and heroines of own life’s story.

To watch "Finding Joe" visit:
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10 Apr Taylor Conroy – Finding My Enough

[smart_track_player url="" title="Taylor Conroy - Finding My Enough" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" hashtag="podcast" twitter_username="mantalks" ] Taylor Conroy is a meditating surfer obsessed with building businesses that make change. His first social enterprise, ‘Change Heroes’, mobilized 15,000 people from 80 countries around the world to to fund hundreds of schools, water projects, libraries, girls...

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03 Apr Dan Harrison – How To Get Out Of Debt & Build Wealth

[smart_track_player url="" title="108 Dan Harrison - How To Get Out Of Debt & Build Wealth" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" hashtag="podcast" twitter_username="mantalks" ] This is a powerful episode all about getting out of debt and building wealth with Dan Harrison, who is passionate about building community, developing leaders, cultivating self-awareness and supporting couples in having...

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21 Mar Dr. Alexandra Solomon – The Secrets Of Dating, Marriage, and Online Dating [Podcast]

[smart_track_player url="" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" ] [Scroll down to watch the video] Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and a clinical assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology. During graduate school, she was awarded...

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14 Mar A Year To Live with Traver Boehm [Podcast]

[smart_track_player url="" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" ] Traver Boehm is a former MMA fighter who also has a Masters degree in Eastern Medicine. After losing a child and losing his wife in a divorce, Traver took on the journey of a lifetime: To live one full year as if it was his last. In...

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31 Oct Be Reasonable At Your Own Peril

This morning I got on the bus and couldn’t find a seat, so I ended up standing. Not exactly a pleasant experience, and not only because sitting is more comfortable. Sitting is the only way I can get my laptop open so I can write my daily blog. Being on the...

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07 Sep How Death Transformed My Life

The world changed when my son Zain joined our family on an early morning in June 2005. And I became a different man. Or so I told myself. Once the flurry of excitement died down, it didn’t take long before he became a burden. Diaper changes, feeding, and constant exhaustion –...

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